Buddha Purnima marks the birthday of Gautam Buddha, who later became the founder of Buddhism. According to the Vedic literature, Lord Buddha is an incarnation of Lord Krishna (Vishnu) and thus, he appeared on this earth some 2500 years ago to teach the message of mercy and non-violence towards all living beings. A sacred day, the festival is celebrated all around the world across various countries in different ways. Take a look at how the world is gearing up to celebrate the auspicious day

Koya’s agarbatti started as a small entrepreneurial endeavor in 1970, Koya's today is a pioneer in the world of Incense Industry and is leading the charge with Innovation, Quality & utmost Customer satisfaction. Koya's is a household name today with its top brands like Maya Supreme, Nirvana ,Rasta,Sambrani, Shanthi nivas, Intimate, Heaven Wood, Eva, Zella & zuri being the hottest selling Incense brands in the market. With continual improvement process & huge investment in R&D, variety offerings have been the driving force at Koya's.

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