Facts You'll Want To Know About The 10 Richest Temples In India!

India is the core of spirituality in the world, and has a myriad of traditions and rituals of different origins and disciplines. With every beating heart having its own faith and believes, and in search for solace at all times, holy places are the heaven away from heaven!

Now, we have a few thousand mosques, temples and churches for solace in India. And the history is rich with stories of their origin and existence. That’s why, in today’s segment let’s speak about the richest temples in India. And when I say rich, I mean with spirituality and loads and loads of money!

1. Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Located in W Nada, East Fort, in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, this is the richest temple in India. The shrine has around 20 billion in six vaults of Gold, shying with only 20 billion from the richest man in India-Mukesh Ambani.

The Golden idol of Mahavishnu in the temple is worth 500 Crore. And the temple has a treasure of antique gold ornaments, Golden Crowns, Golden Bow, Sack full of Diamonds and thousands of antique jewellery studded with diamonds and emeralds.

Website: http://www.sreepadmanabhaswamytemple.org/

2. Tirumala Tirupati Venkateswara Temple

Which was believed to be the richest temple in India until the discovery of riches at the Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Tirupati has now taken second place.

Located in Tirumala, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, they receive around 75,000 devotees every day. The Lord Venkateswara idol is clad with 1000kgs of gold. The annual income of the temple is estimated to be 10 billion.

Website: http://www.tirumala.org/

3. Shirdi Saibaba Shrine

Saibaba’s miracles are believed and celebrated by multiple faiths followers. Located in Shirdi in Rahata Taluka of Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra, the shrine is visited by 25,000 pilgrims every day. And their income exceeded 400 crore last year and earned interest of Rs 128.24 crore on fixed deposit receipts with various nationalised banks.

Website: http://shrisaibabasansthan.org.in/

4. Vaishno Devi Temple

Located in Katra, Jammu and Kashmir, this is the second most visited temple in India after Tirupati. Being presided by the holy deity the Hindu Mother Goddess of MahaKali, is the home of believers of Hindu devotees. It receives around 8 million devotees every year and has an annual income of 500 Crore.

Website: https://www.maavaishnodevi.org/

5. Siddhi Vinayak

This temple is the first place any Mumbai devotee visits before a new beginning in their lives. With around 25,000 to 2,00,000 devotees coming in every day, it was also visited by Apple CEO Tim Crook in 2016. And it received donations of around Rs 100 million- Rs 150 million every year, making it the richest temple in Mumbai.

Website: http://www.siddhivinayak.org/

6. Meenakshi Temple

Located in Madurai and being surround by many temples, Meenakshi temple gets its fair share of 20,000 visitor every day. And earns an annual income of 6 crore each year. And it receives around 1 million visitors during its annual 10-day Meenakshi Thirukalyanam festival, which is celebrated through April and May.

Website: http://www.maduraimeenakshi.org/

7. Golden Temple

Being third on country’s tourist attractions list, the Golden Temple in Amritsar which runs one of the largest free kitchens in the world, which serves an average of 1,00,000 people daily.

The golden shrine is a sight for sore eyes during the night, where the dome illuminates the night sky.

Website: http://www.goldentempleamritsar.org/

8. Jagannath temple

Located in Puri, the temple is dedicated to Lord Jagannath. It receives an annual income of 50 Crore. More than 30,000 devotees visit the temple every day. A European devotee once donated 1.72 crore rupees through State Bank of India.

Website: http://jagannath.nic.in/

9. Kashi Vishwanatha temple

Located in the spiritual city of Varanasi, the temple receives an annual income of 6 Crore. It is estimated that around over 3 million domestic and 200,000 foreign tourists visit this temple annually. And has two gold plated domes.

Website: http://shrikashivishwanath.org/

10. Sabarimala Temple

Located in Periyar tiger reserve in Kerala, the temple situated between beautiful hills of Pathanamthitta District, receives 100 million devotes every year.

The temple received donations up to 203 crores in the year 2013. And earned 74.50 Crores from the sale of aravana prasadam.

The devotees are expected to fast for 41 days before the pilgrimage trip, and refrain from non-vegetarian food of any kind (except dairy), alcohol, and tobacco, and even sex, for cleansing of the soul.

The temples are rich and have a firm number of devotes ranging in thousands and more every year, who express their devotion through donations. And many of these temples forward the proceedings of the money earned to good causes. And the pilgrimage to any of these shrines promises a peaceful and cleansing experience!

So take your family to visit any one of them this year. Plan your trip on Makemytrip. And don’t forget to buy incense sticks of the best quality at Koya's, as no Puja is complete without lighting an agarbatti!

If we missed any Temples, tell us. Talk to us today! Reach us at Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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