Fragrance Triggers: The How’s, Why’s and Facts That Will Explain A lot About Your Life!

Ever have those weird moments of nostalgia when you walk by someone wearing a strong perfume, or the soothing smell of damp earth, or the strong scent of an agarbatti, brings back memories, and you’re just standing there wondering –What the hell just happened?!

Well, Odour on its own has no significance whatsoever, but when connected to something which has meaning it becomes a reminder of that moment or person, and gets forged in your brain as a memory.

Why Does It Happen?

On your first encounter of a scent you start mingling it with emotions, forming nerve connections. The capacities for smell and emotion are connected to the same system of the brain – the limbic system. The olfactory centre also interacts directly with the hippocampus, the part of the brain which is involved in forming new memories.

Having such deep and direct access to the brain, scents form an integral part of your new memories. In fact, the smell of the cologne of someone helps you feel their presence more than looking at their picture, making smell better than eyesight in this scenario.

How Does A Scent Trigger Us?

  • The sense of smell hence can change your mood, make you feel relaxed, or happy. And at the same time the lack of ability to smell leads to depression.

It was from the movie Someone Like You, starring Hugh Jackman and Ashley Judd, where our protagonist Jane Goodale has a hard time overcoming a breakup because every time she smelled her ex’s cologne it would break her heart all over again!

  • Scents are supposed to boost productivity and focus as well.

And it is scientifically proven that lighting an incense stick while preparing for a big test, and then taking a vial of that aroma’s oil to the test helps you recall what you read better.

  • Certain odours and aromas trigger migraines as well.

Although, the real reason behind this is still unknown. People who don’t have migraines also suffer from mild headaches due to certain scents. This is because sensitive blood vessels located in the inner lining of the nasal tissue tend to react to each scent and may exert pressure on the nerve endings that surround them.

Did you know?

Mexicans celebrate the Day of the Dead on 2nd November every year, on which they burn incense sticks, as it is believed that the aroma purifies the souls of their dead ones.

With a lot of uses and associations to culture and believes. Aroma and scents have become a happy part of our lives. And that’s why our incense sticks mean more than their aroma, they signify tradition, and tell a story.

At Koya’s, we have travelled really far for the Incense, for the Fresh Fragrance & most importantly for you. And now have a collection of fragrance that are simply blissful!

Do check out what we have for you.

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