About this item

  • Koya's Agarbathi Providing the Long Lasting, Soothing, Refreshing and Natural Fragrance Incense Sticks Since 1976
  • Koya's Oudh Hand Rolled Incense Sticks (Masala Batti) 10 Sticks in each Box
  • Fill Your dear ones life with Natural and Fresh Aroma by Gifting them Koya's Agarbathies
  • Packaging Boxes are 100% Recyclable
  • Koya's Agarbathi can help to cope with bad mood, Fill with Positivity and create a fresh Aromatic Atmosphere. These agarbathies are 100% Safe and Suitable for all
  • Koya's Oudh Premium Incense Sticks resembles you of Original Arabic Oudh
  • Caution- Burn away from Children and Pets. Keep burning Incense Sticks away from Inflammatory Objects. Make sure that ashes fall on Fire Proof Surface
  • Say no to harmful incense sticks & choose Koyas natural. Safe Agarbathies for you & your family

Koya's Premium Hand Rolled Oudh Incense Sticks