About this items

  • Koya's Agarbathi Providing the Long Lasting, Soothing, Refreshing, and Natural Fragrance Incense Sticks Since 1976.
  • 3 Unique Fragrances in a Combo Pack.
  • Fragrances in Combo - Sambrani+ Vishnu Leela+ Sloka Incense Sticks.
  • The Package Contains Pack of 6 Incense Sticks. (2 Zipper Pouches of Each Fragrance Incense)
  • Quantity- Sloka Incense Sticks Zipper (100 Sticks) ,Maya Supreme Sambrani Incense Sticks Zipper (120gm each) , Vishnu Leela Incense Sticks Zipper (130 gm each ).
  • Material- Bamboo, Charcoal,Honey,Wood powder,Natural Essential Oils and Gums and Fragrance.
  • Koya's Agarbathi can help to cope with bad mood, Fill with Positivity and create a fresh Aromatic Atmosphere. These agarbathies are 100% Safe and Suitable for all.
  • Fill Your dear ones life with Natural and Fresh Aroma by Gifting them Koya's Agarbathies.
  • Caution- Burn away from Children and Pets. Keep burning Incense Sticks away from Inflammatory Objects. Make sure that ashes fall on Fire Proof Surface

Koya's Incense Sticks Zipper Pouch Combo Pack of 6