About this Item

  • Natural Sambrani Fragrance
  • Package content - 120G
  • Sambrani Dhoop Powder used ensures excellent aroma, sense of spirituality & Devotion. When used during prayer, medidation/yoga can feel the presence of divine Fragrance around
  • Koya's Handmade Incense Stick length 23cm.approx & Burning Time- 50min.approx.
  • Koya's Products Since Made 1976 Gives 100% Satisfaction Assured
  • Create good positive energy to bring prosperity and good health
  • 100% Natural and is very effective when used in daily rituals, pooja or in homes for perfuming the house
  • Keep Burning sticks away from flammable articles. Ashes should fall on fire proof and heat resistant surface only


Koya's Agarbathi Maya Supreme Sambrani Powder